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Day Two

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First of all, Eric and I are very disappointed that we have yet to accrue any subscribers. Come on guys! Now let's move on...

Yesterday we arrived In Buenos Aires at about 9am. About 3 hours later we finally arrived at our hostel (due to a very long wait for a car that never actually arrived). Our hostel is located in the Microcentro district of the city. Its cute and trendy, but we may be in the smallest possible room to sleep six people. Luckily, we are all by ourselves so far. We walked around a bit yesterday, had a late lunch and then played spades and drank beer until we couldn't keep our eyes open anymore! The best part of the evening was probably that Eric was so tired he was almost unable to form sentences, yet he insisted we stay up until at least 8pm. He kept muttering things like, "So............ you think you can dance?" And we were playing cards!

We woke up this morning feeling refreshed, guess we really did need the 13 hours of sleep we got. We had our free hostel breakfast (coffee, croissants and toasted baguettes with butter and jam) before heading out again. We spent most of the day wandering around checking out the many attractions Buenos Aires has to offer. Some of the highlights were the road with 22 lanes (no joke), the botanical gardens that were actually alive (in your face, Slovenia),my new friends and Parque Tres de Febrero (just make sure you don't step on the grass or they'll be hell to pay). We bought lunch and ate it in the park on one of Eric's benches, wandered around some more and then ate again (churrizo de cerdo - anyone know what that is? Eric liked it, I didn't). We're back at the hostel now, taking a little siesta before we try and hunt down some street Tango dancers and a late night dinner. However, our late night version will probably be closer to 9pm then 11pm, we just can't hang with these Argentinians...
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Tomorrow will be spent in Buenos Aires, too. We're still trying to figure out the specifics of the next couple days after that. In the meantime, we're having a great time, getting a little more comfortable with our Spanish and excited for everything else to come!

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Airports, Airports, Airports...

We're in Georgia now.... Waiting for our plane to Buenos Aires to depart. We met an awesome lady and spent some time discussing her journey to visit her daughter in South Africa (why aren't we going there?!). We made a little stop over in the bar (or three) before finding a suitable waiting area. We're hoping to sleep most of the night and wake up refreshed at 9am (our new time). Updates coming soon!!

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SOUTH AMERICA HERE WE COME! We finally bought our tickets and on March 9th we say GOODBYE to California, HEY YA'LL to Georgia.... and then HOLA to Buenos Aires!! That will be the start of our two month adventure full of spitting llamas, broken Spanish in bad accents and maybe even a cerveza or two! Check back for updates and let of us know about any travel ideas for the other side of the equator.

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